Visiting Buffet Chalet

This wasn’t a meeting proper; we all just happened to be hanging out at Clyde’s house, when his mum suddenly decided that we had “broken the sound barrier”, which makes no sense, but whatever.

We adjourned to Buffet Chalet, and shared amongst ourselves the following:

Toast Fingers (plus Toppingz)

Steamed Lettuce

Gluten Newtons

Side Order (without corn)

one Strawberry Strange

one Chocolate Strange

Perhaps I should explain about Strange. The official soft drink of Buffet Chalet is Professor Strange, a radish flavoured soda bottled here in town. It was created by Professor Quantum Strange.

At Buffet Chalet, a Strawberry Strange is a float made with Professor Strange soda and a scoop of strawberry Ice cream. Professor Q Strange is engaged in an ongoing dispute with a comic book company over the rights to his name, with regards to the licensing of his radish soda.

Maybard suggested that we charge our order to “club expenses”. Although he had the support of 80% of the club, Prunhilda started making noises, pointing out that we HAVE no treasury. A lively debate ensued. Prunhilda asked Maybard to “stop being a blockhead”. The Buffet Chalet staff asked us to take our business elsewhere.

Meeting adjourned!

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