Whither, fishies?

Something dreadful has happened.

The club assembled at Prunhilda’s house to discuss a possible trip to the nearby town of Wendigo, in pursuit of some blank Betamax cassettes.

Our beloved Aquarium appears to have caught fire, and has been reduced to a pile of feebly burning sticks.

We had just settled down and turned on the television, when to our horror we discovered that our beloved Aquarium had been replaced with burning stick footage.

Please know…

I sympathize with the pyro enthusiasts, but we are an aquatic people.


I was sufficiently incensed to compose an email.

It read as follows:

Dear Cable Provider:

I have a question. My friends and I enjoy the aquarium that appears on channel 1, but it appears to have morphed into a campfire. Is there any chance the fishies will swim again?

Thank you for being our cable provider!

Yours in pessimism

the Aquarium Channel Fan Club

We are waiting/ meditating upon a reply. Waiting is, as they say.

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